Monday, April 12, 2010

About Us

Shayda Bakhshi is an aspiring novelist, a recent college graduate, and an avid reader. Aside from writing furiously before graduate school begins, she is debating whether or not to include her middle name (which is, innocuously, Leigh) in her Really Official Published Author Name, or just slap the S and the L onto Bakhshi and have done with it.  And yes, she did just lift this blurb from her blog bio.

Nora Coon is a writer, a cook, almost a college graduate, and desperately searching for a job.  She has three nonfiction books published, and has written about seven debut novels, most of which are kept hidden so that no one will ever read them.  Currently, she's rewriting the most recent.  She enjoys Stumptown coffee, the Portland restaurant scene, leather jackets, and days free of writer's block.  Contrary to what this photo suggests, she does not enjoy hiking.