Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Howdy, Folks!

Welcome to Book-Bound!  Before we really kick things off, I think some introductions are necessary, so:

I'm Shayda Bakhshi, and I like to write.  A few pertinent things about me and my writing:

  • I love YA fantasy.  Blame Garth Nix if you have to blame someone.  
  • I'm a fan of literary fiction, as well.  There are some brilliant people out there whose noses aren't suck in the air.
  • I've got a BA in English from the University of Texas at Austin.  Hook 'em!
  • I'd like to go to graduate school next fall to get an MFA in creative writing.  Job security, you understand (although there are no guarantees it'll get me anything other than nasty looks).  We'll see.
  • I'm engaged to a wonderful boy whom I met in college.  No, I don't have a date for the wedding.  I will when I have money, but right now, I'm poor.

Some not-so-important things:

  • I have a serious Coke (the soda, folks) addiction.  It's bad.  I've gained half a person from drinking it.  Trying to stop.  Support welcome.
  • I've been writing since I was about eight or so, but besides being able to string sentences together, I don't really have a lot of material to show for it.
  • My trunk novel is called MAUREEN POPE.  I "published" it myself on Lulu.  Privately.  It's crappy but I love it.
  • My dog blows bubbles and growls in her sleep.  It's adorable.
Current writing-stuffs:

  • Project of the moment:  SPITFIRE, formerly known as a bunch of other things. (And, incidentally, I decided on renaming the whole project "Spitfire" today.  There was much jumping up and down and celebrating.)
  • SPITFIRE is a YA contemporary/high fantasy novel that I'm thinking will be complete at about 90,000 words.  Kind of long for YA, but hey.  We'll see.
  • I've got about 23,000 words as of now.  Hopefully, that number will grow significantly in the coming weeks.
And that's about it.  At least for an introductory post.  You can follow all my personal trials and tribulations over at my blog, Write Now.  Stay tuned (because this is a TV/radio show...) to hear about my partner-in-crime, the lovely Nora Coon.

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